Available courses

This course encourages the student to read literary and informational texts from various cultures and time periods. Students will practice a variety of modes and genres of writing and speaking. Emphasis is placed on language skills necessary for later English classes.  

This is a college preparatory course for seniors which covers a historical survey of British literature. Students in this course engage in analysis and discussion of literary and informational texts. Students will practice a variety of modes and genres of writing and speaking. Emphasis is placed on language skills necessary for college.

The course allows a close reading of genres of Western literature. These readings serve as models of good writing and as subjects for students' own writing exercises. Students review grammar and enhance vocabulary as they read and write. They learn how to craft a strong thesis, write an essay to support it, and, in the process, study sentence and paragraph structure. Students practice revising and editing their own work in consultation with their teacher. They learn to use the resources available in the library and apply these skills as they write a short research paper. Oral activities include a panel discussion and a speech to inform.

This course prepares students to enter college mathematics by introducing them to probability and statistics and grounding them in pre-calculus concepts. This course is strongly recommended for students who anticipate entering a science, engineering or pre-medical program. The topics of emphasis include functions and their graphs, trigonometry, exponents, logarithms, polar coordinates, probability, matrices, and introduction to limits. (Prerequisites: Geometry and a grade of B- (80%) or above in Algebra 2 or teacher recommendation)

This course is designed for those students who have shown high achievement in previous math courses and desire further training in advanced mathematics. It will prepare students for the Advanced Placement Calculus AB exam and college level mathematics equivalent to a first semester college-calculus course. The course will focus both on differential and integral calculus. A graphing calculator is required.

The intent of the course is to provide a basic background of physical sciences for students who want another year of Math before taking Chemistry. The topics covered are very similar to those in basic chemistry and physics but with a less rigorous application of algebra. This course will serve to prepare students for taking Chemistry

This course addresses the composition, structure, and reactions of matter. The major emphasis is on inorganic compounds. A laboratory is coordinated to enhance understanding. The theoretical basis of concepts and their applications to a variety of written problems will be the major focus of the course with somewhat less emphasis on the application of concepts to contemporary life.